A Marbleous Trend: The Versatile Use of Marble in Design

24 January 2015 No Comments

In recent times marble has worked diligently to alter its affiliation with ideas of ostentation and excess, gaining favour with a cohort of contemporary designers and design-conscious consumers. Today we see many examples of marble’s versatility (both real and faux) in furnishings, lighting, storage, accessories, tableware, interiors and fashion. [...]

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A Miniature Painting a Day by Lorraine Loots

15 January 2015 No Comments

For the past two years miniaturist painter Lorraine Loots has been painting a tiny watercolour image a day. Known mainly for her 'Paintings for Ants' project, she will present her work at an exhibition in Cape Town this month. [...]

Smells Like Art: Olfactory Art Exhibition in Madrid Explores Over 100 Years of Perfume-Making

10 January 2015 No Comments
21 November 2014 - 04 February 2015

A very unusual art exhibition in Madrid, Spain, presents signature 'works of olfactory art' related to significant art movements from the end of the 19th century to the present day. [...]

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Angels or Goddesses? Avian Paintings by Amy Judd

08 January 2015 No Comments

London-based artist Amy Judd creates curious amalgamations of birds and women for her 'Avian' series of oil paintings. [...]

Fantasy, Dystopia and Shoes by Anastasia Radevich

05 January 2015 {1} Comment

Montreal-based artist Anastasia Radevich draws from Nature, science and her endless imagination to create her uncompromising shoe designs. [...]

Ways to Modernism: Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos, and Their Impact

03 January 2015 No Comments
17 December 2014 - 19 April 2015

Framed around the celebrated works of modernist luminaries Josef Hoffman and Adolf Loos, this new exhibition at the MAK Exhibition Hall in Vienna traces the evolution of Viennese modernism into a global brand. [...]

Yatzer's 50 Most Popular Articles in 2014

30 December 2014 No Comments

Around this time of year and every year, we showcase the most popular articles from the past twelve months, based on how many ‘Likes’ each story has received from our followers. [...]

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Colourful Nebula by Resin Painter Bruce Riley

29 December 2014 {2} Comments

Chicago-based painter Bruce Riley creates these mesmerising paintings by manipulating paint while still wet and layering it in clear resin. Watch the film to find out more! [...]