You'll Never Look at a 40x40cm Marble Tile the Same Way Again!

19 October 2014 No Comments

Have you ever gotten excited about a 40x40cm marble tile? Well prepare to right now! In their latest project ‘40X40’,  Italian designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti have taken the humble marble tile and have unleashed its potential to create some breathtaking and functional new items. [...]

Why Eileen Gray Matters

11 October 2014 {2} Comments

The 2014 Architecture & Design Film Festival will celebrate its sixth season in New York City with the world premiere of a new Eileen Gray documentary. Directed by Marco Orsini and aptly titled Gray Matters, the documentary tells the intricate story of one of the 20th century’s most prominent and pivotal modernist designers. [...]

Florian Pucher Turns Aerial Photos into... Landcarpets

01 October 2014 {1} Comment

Inspired by real aerial photos of the countryside, staring at the floor has never been more inspiring, with this unique collection of ‘Landcarpet’ rugs designed by Florian Pucher. [...]

Introducing ‘Our Current Obsessions’, a Small Hybrid Design Space in Amsterdam

28 September 2014 No Comments

Amsterdam-based creative platform Another Something & Co has opened its very own retail and exhibition space presenting a small exhibition dedicated to the colour black and featuring collaborations with various brands and designers. [...]

Daily Spoon: A One-year Woodcarving Project by Stian Korntved Ruud

15 September 2014 {2} Comments

Drawing inspiration from the traditional Norwegian craft of woodwork, ''Daily Spoon'' is a fascinating project that sees designer Stian Korntved Ruud carving one spoon a day for 365 days. [...]

Desktop to Heaven: Magnus Celestii by Joseph Walsh Studio

26 June 2014 No Comments

Showcasing at the design exhibition at the New Art Centre in Roche Court, Wiltshire, UK, Studio Joseph Walsh known for its flowing and gravity-defying wooden furniture presents its largest work to date: the Magnus Celestii installation. [...]

''1968: Radical Italian Furniture'' by DESTE Foundation and TOILETPAPER

Cheeky humour, surreal dreams and iconic furniture fill the pages of the new exhilarating book by famed art collector Dakis Joannou and TOILETPAPER magazine’s Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. [...]

NEONSIGNS.HK: An Online Exhibition Dedicated to Hong Kong’s Iconic Neon Signs

08 June 2014 No Comments

The M+ Museum in Hong Kong has launched an amazing interactive online exhibition all about the city’s mesmerising neon signs and the culture that surrounds them. [...]