Shustov Brandy Bar by Belenko Design Band in Odessa, Ukraine

28 August 2014 No Comments

Design studio Belenko Design Band has transformed a 19th-century cellar in Odessa, Ukraine, into a contemporary brandy bar and small museum. [...]

Song Qi, Monaco’s First Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

06 July 2014 {1} Comment

Striking in its elegance and Art Deco drama, everyone seems to be talking about Song Qi in Monaco. With Michelin starred Chef Alan Yau at its helm, the food served at the principality’s first gourmet Chinese restaurant is excellent. [...]

Story Restaurant in Helsinki by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

30 June 2014 No Comments

Finnish designer Joanna Laajisto has designed a warm and welcoming interior for the Story restaurant which very recently opened its doors in the spacious main hall of Helsinki’s newly renovated Old Market building. [...]

Stereokitchen Restaurant and Bar in Beirut by Paul Kaloustian

Situated on the topmost floor of an office building in Beirut, Lebanon, the new bar and restaurant Stereokitchen designed by architect Paul Kaloustian, follows a simple design strategy that makes the best of the breathtaking views outside. [...]

A Former Bank in Singapore Has Been Transformed Into 'The Black Swan' Restaurant

12 May 2014 No Comments

A former bank in Singapore has been transformed into The Black Swan restaurant and bar by Takenouchi Webb Studio, inspired by the building’s history and the glamorous aura of Art Deco. [...]

From Paris to Beirut, the LIZA Restaurant

The LIZA restaurant resembles a lavishly decorated private apartment. Luxurious without being ostentatious, its cosmopolitan atmosphere brings the walls of the former Abdallah Bustros Palace that it inhabits, alive once again... [...]

Momo Grill Restaurant by Ramūnas Manikas in Klaipėda, Lithuania

14 April 2014 {4} Comments

Designed by interior designer Ramūnas Manikas, this small and cosy eatery in the heart of the Baltic city of Klaipėda, Lithuania, offers a warm and hospitable guest experience combined with clean-cut, tasteful design. [...]

Piet Boon Studio Transformed A church Into 'The Jane' Restaurant in Antwerp

30 March 2014 {8} Comments

Hail Jane, full of grace: Piet Boon studio has transformed the church of a former military hospital into Michelin-star chef Sergio Herman and chef Nick Bril’s new restaurant of in Antwerp, Belgium. [...]