Design Walk 2008, Athens

published in: Graphics By Costas Voyatzis, 04 February 2008

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Three days of collaboration at the creative studios of Psyrri
The design studios of Psyrri invite designers across the globe (from European metropolises such as Athens, London, Paris, Milan, Hamburg and Madrid to Montana U.S.A) to unite with them and choose a theme in order to create an exhibition. This creative junction, promotes the concept of “collaboration” in visual communication, combining graphic design and audiovisual forms. It explores the relationship of design with various art forms as diverse as cooking and architecture and aims to decrease the gap between sender and receiver. The creative teams of Psyrri, will re-open their doors to the public during 1–3 February and set up an interactive design playground in the centre of Athens. (design walk 2008 | Athens)

The Design Shop •• Xavier Antin, FR
Human Condition
“The experience of being human” is presented by a non-linear, graphic installation, which activates visitors’ participation, providing them with clues and asking them to connect the dots in order for them to get the meaning. The installation deals with basic issues that define a person’s identity such as friendship, companionship, sexuality, as well as vanity, weakness and insecurity.

The design shop + Xavier Antin

Bend •• Designpark •• No Logo
B station presents DISIN4ORM
Design Park, Black & Decker and No Logo involve themselves with graphic design as well as audiovisual projects. During Design Walk they collect all of these projects and combine them in various forms. All these elements will be presented at B Station, which is the transmission space of the three participating teams.

Bend + Designpark + NoLogo

Mums Design •• Maria Alipranti, GR
“Gotcha!”, Little stolen moments from a typical day in the kitchen.
A table will be set and the designers invite everyone to experience familiar flavours of everyday life. Multiple ways of receiving the concept of food, iconography related to cooking and spoken forms that define the close relationship between people and food is just a taste of the menu. Graphic designer Maria Alipranti who focuses on visual communication through kitchen activities, will give her point of view.

Oxy •• Eggandspoon, GR
Recto Verso
Everything starts with the link of a chain that only makes sense when the beginning and end are connected, portraying their total state of dependency. This connection is being examined with a mixed style (photography, collage, graphics) and then transformed into a book without a beginning, middle or end and hence without a front or back cover. Every page has its own recto verso, its other side, an aspect that even though is connected to its back, still preserves its uniqueness and strength.

oxy + Eggandspoon=Stephan Muller (

Pi6 •• Human Empire, GER
I am from Athens
Athens isn’t only the Acropolis. It’s an eastern/western city with controversy and energy. A harsh yet humane city, which is changing, developing, improving, progressing. Through graphic design and illustration, a different aesthetic hidden in the urban background will be exhibited. If you find it and love it, others will follow…

Melanthiou 8
Π6 [Pi6] + Human empire

We Design •• Nobek Zeistein, USA
Nobek Zeistein: no more crap
Nobek Zeistein, American artist/designer/philosopher, lives and works in Springfiled, Montana, USA. After 12 years of artistic silence, he will present his recent work. In his work, Nobek Zeistein deals with multiple confronting visual elements in the realm of the self-esteem and the superego. Movement, print and use are absorbed and deconstructed in a manifestation of the revolving sphere of iconic un-realizations. Time, place and structure are equally rethought of. His precedents, drawn from the early Dadaism movement and the 1990’s philosophical correspondence, include connotations that are in constant dialogue using the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet.
The vanishing points of reference re-present a mix of contradictory meanings to contemporary sociological and existential truths.]

Aishylou 27
We design + Nobek Zeistein

g •• Company, UK

The cogs of a cogwheel may be positioned parallel, tilted or at an angle to each other. Parallel cogwheels come into contact with each other either externally or internally, (ie one inside the other) while tilted positioned cogs can have either single or double contact. They ensure safe function, correct gear ratio, ability to withstand the pressure of overloading, long shelf life and therefore offer a great degree of satisfaction.

g + Company

3 in a Box •• Stylo Design, UK

More or Less
An exhibition about graphic design, its meaning and its substantial position towards art, which aims to make the audience have a better understanding of the processes that can be used in communication. The exclusive use of letters (typography) creates a chain reaction of mottos, texts and visual tricks, which cover various aspects of graphic design.

3 in a box + stylo design

Bios •• Belio, ESP •• Raster-Noton, GER
The exhibition consists of two projects.

A mini electronica festival is organized in collaboration with the Belio team featuring audiovisual acts and a magazine especially created for Design Walk. There will be an open discussion presenting the common activities of both design teams.

11 years Raster-Noton
11 designers work together and create 11 posters celebrating 11 years of the German electronic music label Raster-Noton.

The music festival will take place at night after the closing of the exhibitions.

Bios + Belio, ESP + Raster-Noton, GER

Mnp •• Ed Gill, UK

Ed Gill (“Skeleton Artist”) is an artist who combines film, illustration and performance in his work. For Design Walk, he will present four short films as well as their respective posters, which have been designed together with MNP and will be given to visitors.

“Crooked Cop”, “Ikebana Baby”, “Bubble trouble”, “Skeleton Αrtist”

MNP + Ed Gill

Poor Designers •• Dimitris Arvanitis, GR

Society and Hypocrisy
Poor Designers are collaborating with Dimitris Arvanitis, the pioneer of Greek graphic design. They presented a visual, creative commentary on the issue of “Society and Hypocrisy.

Poor designers + Dimitris Arvanitis

Sereal Designers •• Walm, GR

The Amazing Humanoid Circus
Sereal Designers and fashion designers WALM set up an iconoclastic game, starting with the forms that emerge from the counterpoint between the human body and its surroundings. They were being recreated and translated into 3D, in a way that dilutes the sense of reality. The two design teams unite graphic with fashion in a changing project, which aims to give shape and essence to the (non-) existing.

Sereal designers + Walm

The Switch Design Agency •• Fabio Novembre, IT

USP (Useful Spaces in Psyrri)
For the past 3 years, theSwitch designAgency have been based on the 2nd floor of 3 Sahtouri St. and have recently made a move up to the 3rd floor. They have taken this opportunity to use the 2nd floor to discover potential uses of an “empty” space within the urban neighbourhood of Psyrri. Inspired by, Italian designer, Fabio Novembre’s philosophy, they presented suggestions for the creation of USPs (Useful Spaces in Psyrri) and call for the interaction of visitors, sharing their vision for new solutions.

The switch design agency + Fabio Novembre

Typical Mutations •• Makebelieve, GR

C.S.I. Psyrri
Typical Mutations and makebelieve invite you to take the role of a crime scene investigator with the use of technological novelties such as mixed and augmented reality installations alongside other visual techniques as well as traditional means such as thought and observation. You, the investigator, have to filtrate the elements through instinct and judgment, taking into consideration the motive, in order to find the truth. As human passion and intervention takes place, the truth, however, is not always black or white.

Typical Mutations + makebelieve



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