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published in: Graphics By Costas Voyatzis, 02 June 2008

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e-glue / what is it ? who we are ?

Specialized in adhesive design for kids, e-glue proposes much more than just simple decoration...
Considering space as a white page for illustration, e-glue opens a window of imagination, by transforming various supports into narrative spaces, where kids and parents can create, learn and have fun. Using adhesive elements to hang, e-glue offers the possibility, by a stroke of scraper, to colour all surfaces.
As a creative duo graduated from the Higher school of Decorative Arts, we design all our illustrations and hand-make all our products. Our drawings are created using a cutting technique, and do not imply any printing. The adhesive vinyls are thus mass-coloured what gives beautiful colours not deteriorating
in time. Each colour is separately cut up and the multicoloured stickers are thus hand-assembled.
Without solvent, nor ink or other chemical applied at the surface of our wall decals, we guarantee a healthy and safe environment to kids.
Hanging up the finished product is simple, and can be carried out by anyone; but if you’re a bit stuck, we even include an instruction booklet and a small scraper to help you, into each parcel.
Adhesive vinyl is sticky and flat on all clean surfaces, and can be repositioned
during installation, and removed without leaving traces. The selected trademark guarantees an inside durability of 10 years.
... and the custom-made service ?
In addition to its online shop, e-glue proposes, for private individuals and professionals, to customize and adapt its products as well as possible to the volumes and characteristics of the space to be decorated. A specific request ? More colors ? A specific size ? Wish of a unique creation ? The custom-made service enables us to be closest to our customers expectations.



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  • friend
    philos | 2008-06-14 03:04:18

    Just what I was looking for that moment! Thank you!

  • friend
    Caressa | 2008-11-28 19:55:19

    This is really lovely. If anyone out there know what exactly this is perhaps just a kind of vinyl-like adhesive wall graphic or something much more durable. I am a muralist and I would like to branch out and offer creative options like this but the last time we put adhesive graphics in a public place the kids just peeled them off. WHAT TO DO!!!

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