Strawberry Fields project

published in: Design By Yatzer, Jan 31st 2009

Playing with tradition | Richard Hutten, hand knotted wool, 240x170cm

Throughout different periods of history, carpets have told the story of ethnic groups, specific cultures, dynasties, clans and even individual families. The colors, shapes and symbols used were part of a jargon belonging to a more or less restricted community. This language unmistakably defined the community’s identity. In doing so, the carpets, or at least the most masterful among them, became charged with immanent energy, the kind of energy that is found in all objects that succeed in telling a story, but where often not everything is deciphered.
The Strawberry Fields project involves artists and designers from widely different cultures and backgrounds; all are outsiders to the culture of traditional carpets. They were invited by I + I  to design carpets that would be the free expression of their creative language.

The project is curated by Emmanuel Babled and Paolo Giordano
All the carpets are produced in limited edition in India & Nepal.

Yatzer's selection of limited edition carpets is posted below.

Leviatano | Dacia Manto, mixed technique wool polyester, 350x217cm


Inside the mind a resting place | Jennifer Tee & Richard Niessen, wool, 330x240

Sintetizzare una cosa impalpabile.Indurre un cambio di sensazioni.Aspettare che piova. | Simone Tosca, wool, 300x220cm

Omino | Stefano Giovannoni, wool 330x240cm

part of the limited edition Strawberry Fields brochure


I + I

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