It’s been three years already…

    On 21 January 2007, I published my first ever post on a site I then decided to name Yatzer, since everyone in elementary school used to call me [Vo]yatzer and the nickname kind of stuck.

    As I recall, I was serving in the military and dreaded the fact that I would spend a whole year away from the world of magazines, where I “grew up”. Thus, it was through “wordpress”, the famous free blog platform, that I, like million other people around the world,  began to post all those things in the design world that I never wanted to forget.

    Naturally, I began to enjoy it, it became addictive. I was spending sleepless nights searching and discovering the reasons behind my growing need to share everything with everyone, especially those who have the same fondness and passion for design as me.

    On November 2007, I completed my military service and resumed my position as a stylist at the Greek magazine MAISON & DECORATION.  But there wasn’t a single day spent away from Yatzer, and I had to choose, then and there, between being a stylist and a trend scout-blogger.

    So I decided that what matters most in life is the need to share… just about anything with others, and not just take what we are given…  Life is for sharing, and my motto since then has been “design is to share”.

    As I’m sure you have already figured out, my devotion for Yatzer won, and with the guidance of Sotiris Bithas (, my web-design professor, we set out to create Yatzer’s new image. On 1 May 2008, the new version of Yatzer was finally online on a dedicated server. 

    The perfected version of that layout, which is also our current one, will be unveiled in a few months! So stay tuned!

    Allow me to point that Yatzer owes its existence to the design world, to all the designers, architects and artists that devote their time and efforts to breathe life to all those magnificent creations that we decide to share with YOU.

    I would like to THANK YOU all for the hundreds of emails we receive daily, and to let you know that we read EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to requests that we have no intention of publishing due to their incompatibility with our aesthetics.

    So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY firstly to ALL OF YOU, and secondly to Yatzer… and we promise that in 2010 we will do everything in our power to keep you up to date with the most intriguing and glorious news in the magical realm of design.

   remember that in 2010 Yatzer will:
       * Dress your eyes with the highest couture
       * Challenge your brain with the edgiest design items
       * Culture your senses within the art world
       * Inspire your being through architecture
       * Entertain your lives with interviews competitions and all ways that bring you closer to us.

    Respectfully and Creatively Yours
    Costas Voyatzis

    Publisher / Creative Director

special THANKS to Kossi Aguessy for the "Three year's Anniversary" painting!

Happy Birthday Yatzer

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