Three new light collections by Hayon have been launched for Metalarte:

"The Bastoni Collection: I have been thinking of this sort of lamp for ages: one you could drag comfortable all around the house for reading. I am the type of guy who moves plenty and this lamp would be the perfect one for me. It was also an element with a sense of humor, something I truly appreciate in a piece. The America Collection came from the idea of integrating a coffee table and a lamp. This is a very useful piece and something I can see placed in a variety of contexts. The Santa collection was a natural evolution from the America collection as we immediately saw the shape's potential for a smaller size." Jaime Hayon

One of the "Bastoni" lamps  is obviously inspired by  Angela Jansen's  LoS!  lamp which have been designed with crealev floating technology. The Hayon's one may not be floating but it would love to!

About LoS! // words by Rob Jansen from Crealev

   It is the clichee of the old classical lamp in contrast with modern technology (Dutch Design by Angela Jansen). The law of earnshaw says it is impossible to keep something floating in the air in a stable way with only permanent magnets. We combined permanent magnets with smart electronics to solve this problem. The principle of the high-end design lamp series LoS! is that it uses LED-lighting, in combination with reflection of a mirror, and our levitation technology to create a floating lamp. The most funny thing is that the carrier of the module has no friction, therefore it is able to rotate for days after giving it a spin.
   We have not been selling the LoS!-lamp yet.

   We will inform the audience on retailers and prizes later in 2008. At this moment we are setting up production for the basic system that is inside the lamp. This module can be used for multiple applications and markets. We are discussing possible cooporations with multinational companies. This is also the case for the LoS!-lamp, which will be launched later in 2008. But it really depends on the negotiations how fast and in which form it will be launched. Furthermore, we now have your contact in our database, and know how to reach you when we are able to deliver any product.

Rob sent me an e-mail, after reading this post and he said that :

"It is nice to see that we are able to inspire designers to take their product to a "higher" level."

And Yatzer totally agrees!

Jaime Hayón for Metalarte

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