Milan design  week, March 2009
Tortona 31 - Officina 1
Via Tortona, 31 - Milan

LetΚΌs get inside the material. LetΚΌs discover the mystery of the invisible and the infinite perfection of the particles.
LetΚΌs make an exciting journey in search of the unseen; letΚΌs become Mister X, a mysterious explorer. Dotdotdot creates for Donati Group an evocative multimedia exhibition setting, a walk across the macromolecules of the aluminium for the discovery of its extraordinary potentialities and the innovative processing techniques developed by Donati.

The molecular structure of the aluminium together with its polyhedric composition appear in front of our eyes disclosing us an unknown dimension where technology and material meet. Cyclopic telescopes come down from the molecular walls showing us the real structure of aluminium, a material characterized by a polyhedric geometry that Donati synthesizes in Doluflex®, an aluminium structural panel that seems to come directly from the future, light, resistant, incombustible and 100% recyclable. Mister X will feel like entering in an astral landscape with a rarefied air, walking on structures and compositions realized by Donati with the IronX® system able to turn a flat surface into tridimensional objects characterized by infinite shapes of an incredible complexity, perfect in every detail.

Donati Group underlines with this project the design and architecture - oriented approach it has undertook. Quality and research as guiding principles of a company philosophy that expresses and materializes itself through its daily relationships with companies and designers and the numerous registered patents and certifications as Doluflex® and IronX® as the most important ones.
Donati Group believes in the design of tomorrow, demonstrating it through the production of cutting-edge materials able to preserve the environment and the earth.

Dotdotdot, founded in 2004, creates happening always characterized by a tight link with the space where they take place. It melts art, architecture, exhibition settings and design contaminating them with new technologies and new media exploring, at the same time, the borderline that stands between performance, experimentation and event

Mister X - a journey inside the material

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