One stripe collection for domestic 2009

published in: Graphics By Costas Voyatzis, 28 January 2009

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LIVING TRUNK by MARK VERHAAGEN, photo © Tania et Vincent

One strip is a collection of wallpaper strips drawn by graphic artists and designers. Conceived to be used and installed vertically or horizontally, they are all deployed in the width of a single strip of 50cm. Midway between illustration and trompe l’oeil, some models look for a space in this very vertical format to deploy ornamental or narrative proposals (Tado, Coco Tassel, Ryan Cox, Pandarosa, Mark Verhaagen), while others take the reverse track of opening new paths, looking for new uses to renew wallpaper. Thus Ich&Kar propose a learning or overhaul of the multplication and Bescherelle tables, matali crasset and Frederick Grasser Hermé propose installing a sauce tree in the kitchen to accommodate your everyday dishes with simple recipes, and Ana Mir and Emili Padros tear us away from work to recall us to our physical needs of stretching and exercising …

Other proposals bring out the qualities and subtleties of the drawings of graphic artists and artists like Florence Manlik, Anamorphée and Leslie David.

BLACK FOREST MOMENT by TADO, photo © Tania et Vincent

DECORATIF by LESLIE DAVID, photo © Tania et Vincent

TROISxSEPT by ICH 7 KAR, photo © Tania et Vincent

LIGHT MIX by FLORENCE MANLIK, photo © Tania et Vincent

DELFT WARE STORIES by PANDAROSA, photo © Tania et Vincent

NUAGE VERT by ANAMORPHEE, photo © Tania et Vincent


THE "NEW" domestic Landscapes for 2009

BAL AU FOLIES BERGERES by ANAMORPHEE, photo © Tania et Vincent

LANDSCAPE by LESLIE DAVID, photo © Tania et Vincent

HERE COMES THE RAIN by FLORENCE MANLIK, photo © Tania et Vincent

AIRLUTE by FLORENCE MANLIK, photo © Tania et Vincent



  • friend
    yatzerina | 2009-01-29 10:51:33

    Great stripes!

  • friend
    Christina | 2009-01-30 16:22:05

    OMG!! I love la conjugaison...!!!! How smart... how cute!!!

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