Staircase design by Christophe Moinat

published in: Design By Costas Voyatzis, 05 December 2008

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adn staircase
copyright: Ross Lovegrove

Christophe Moinat designed, followed the production and coordinated the assembly of this staircase for the studio of Ross Lovegrove in Notting Hill, London. It symbolizes the work of this design practice, where he was a collaborator for 4 years. Search for the essencial, organic integration of functions are always in his mind when he designs an object.

text for Christophe Christophe Moinat
I was born and I grew up in Switzerland in the Vaud Alps region. As a qualified cabinet-maker, I worked as an antiquer furniture restaurer for a few years. Design is a reality and a practice that came progressively to my mind. It turned into an evidence as I studied industrial design at ecal in Lausanne from 1994 to 1998.
From 1999 to 2003, I worked for Ross Lovegrove in London. This was an opportunity to develop complex projets for prestigious clients: Tag Heuer, Luceplan, Japan Airlines, Moroso, Cappellini,...
In 2003, I opened my own design office in Lausanne. Since then, I developped a great variety of projects (watch cases, belts, mobile phones, furniture, shop fittings, exhibitions, museum, ...) for a growing number of clients (Michel Jordi, Tag Heuer, Logitech, Nokia, Ville de Lausanne, EPFL, IEM, ...)


Christophe Moinat, Ross Lovegrove

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