V.O.W N°24 // Yatzer presents ''La Sedia Leggera di Chiavari''

published in: Design, V.O.W By Marcia Argyriades, 16 June 2011

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V.O.W N°24 (13 - 19 June 2011)

Wood may be thought of as a blank canvas which or with which great artistic cabinetry is formed. But, like canvas, it is not art or an object of beauty in itself.  It becomes something creative through the manipulations and skill of the artisan. Discover Segno Italiano, a network of the finest artisans, designers, supporters and enthusiasts whose common objective is the reconsideration of the value of Italian handcrafted products.  In this week’s V.O.W., Segno Italiano aims to communicate the course of the artifact’s development in an efficient and involving way, from the raw material through to finishing, while paying particular attention to the figure of the artisan.  Preserving the exact same traditional construction technique which remains unchanged the past two-hundred years, an absolute awareness of the strength and elasticity of wood, a time-consuming crafting of each element, assembly by hand, the use of cherry and beech woods, a natural maturation and woven Indian cane are just some of the successful elements that make these chairs exceptional.  The first challenge that Segno Italiano has set itself to is the chairs of Chiavari. With great insight and a little luck, Segno Italiano has been able to begin a collaboration with Adriano Podestà, one of the last supreme artisans of the Chiavari chair.

For most, the smell of wood, the skilled artisan and the craft itself is something that goes unappreciated, for me, the wonderful aroma of wood still flashes in my nostrils; it touched my heart, this wonderful childhood memory.  Hopefully, Segno Italiano will help us consider more carefully the true essence of this craft, its masters, and the ‘journey’ of a piece of furniture, which has been lost in the fast-pacing industrialized world.

photo © Segno Italiano

photo © Segno Italiano

photo © Segno Italiano


Segno Italiano (Si)

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