8-bit Gary by Kiel Johnson

8-bit Gary by Kiel Johnson

V.O.W N°10 (Video Of the Week, 7 - 13 March 2011)

Organized by René Paul Barrilleaux, McNay’s Chief Curator and Curator of Art after 1945, New Image Sculpture assembles works by emerging and mid-career artists who freely appropriate from art history, ethnographic artifacts, fashion, folk art, hobby crafts, popular culture, and the world of do-it-yourself.  These artists transform widely available materials, many found on the shelves of hardware stores and building suppliers, into fanciful re-creations and interpretations of ordinary and mundane things.  Styrofoam, corrugated cardboard, and duct tape replace marble and bronze as primary materials, while ersatz tractors, musical instruments, sofas, and suitcases take the place previously held by portrait busts or minimalist cubes.

Drawing on art movements including Dada, Nouveau Réalisme, Arte Povera, and Pop art, as well as various other developments in realism, these disparate artists all use recognizable imagery and common materials. Often fabrication techniques are conspicuous as an element of the finished work. Some artists employ labor-intensive and obsessive approaches, emphasizing craft and the handmade with obvious evidence of the artist’s process, despite the use of ephemeral materials.  The 13 artists and artist collectives in  New Image Sculpture create unique visions of the world we encounter on a dailybasis. Regardless of what they make or how they make it, inthe end these artists transform ordinary stuff into objects ofextraordinary engagement.

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New Image Sculpture
16 February – 8 May 2011
The McNay Art Museum
6000 North New Braunfels, P.O. Box 6069
San Antonio, Texas 78209-0069 in Alamo Heights

V.O.W N°10 // New Image Sculpture at McNay Art Museum

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