text by Projector Inc

It's a fusion of dance video routines, time signal music and clock utility.
The video sequence and the clock display intervenes one another every 5 seconds,
while the time signal music seamlessly connects the two.
The infinite video sequence appears randomly and endlessly.
Viewers are eager to see what happens next.
The clock intervals also give the full-screen videos time to re-load.
It's an artistic expression that serves utility as well as technical necessity.
It’s a 24/7 presentation of UNIQLO clothing.
In summer, dancers dress in DRY POLO SHIRTS.
In fall, they chage into CASHMERE SWEATERS.
At midnight, UNIQLOCK goes to sleep mode.
Every hour, there is a special sequence.
It even has an alarm funtion.
They can use the mini-version of UNIQLOCK on their own blog.
The website maps out all the users on the world map,
visualizing the world’s UNIQLOCK experience.


In short, UNIQLOCK 

D&AD Awards 2008

Winner in "Digital Advertising Campaigns" category

Award : Yellow Pencil

Entrant : Projector Inc

Country : Japan


Websites / Microsites 

Creative Director Koichiro Tanaka

Executive Creative Director Yoshiaki Nagasaki

Interactive Designer Yukio Sato

Interactive Designer Keiichi Tozaki

Art Director Takayuki Sugihara

Director Yuichi Kodama

Copywriter Koichiro Tanaka

Producer Takaharu Hatori

Producer Hiroyuki Kojima

Choreography Air:man

Sound Design Fantastic Plastic Machine

Digital Agency Projector Inc

Advertising Agency Paragraph

Marketing Manager Kentaro Katsube


5,6,7..UNIQLOCK GO !

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