The Balkans are often underestimated as far as design is concerned, but we at yatzer totally disagree. An open minded traveler will be pleasantly surprised to realize that there are a lot of passionate people that want to make an intriguing make over to their cities and bring new aesthetics to the table. Jovo Bozhinovski is one of those people and with his interior design projects is trying to make the difference.

Ava bar is one of his latest projects and is situated in the city of Shumen, Bulgaria. It is one of those places that transmit an easily perceived serenity and, although opting for the classic black and white combination, still has something special to offer. Jovo explains that his goal was to create the impression that the furniture looked as if floating in the air and we think that this is quite achieved. He created an interesting contrast between the fully polished surfaces, providing an additional volume, and the columns that were left in concrete. Ava bar could be a perfect airport lounge bar, ideal for relaxing before a long awaited trip, and you certainly shouldn’t miss it in case you travel to Bulgaria.

Ava bar by Jovo Bozhinovski in Bulgaria

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