Life in pink can never be disappointing, especially when you have Kartell designing the furniture and Moschino doing the clothes. Kartell teams up with Barbie for the Milan Design week in order to create an ideal house for the famous doll and the result is more than rewarding. Human sized and totally glamorous, Barbie looks more than happy in her luxury house, all Kartell furnished including the limited Barbie version of Philip Stark's Louis Ghost chair. This is the best way that Kartell could celebrate its 60 years in design that also coincides with Barbie's 50th birthday anniversary. For this occasion, Kartell has produced some special Barbie furniture miniatures that will be for sale, helping the Save the Children foundation. Some limited edition shoes in Barbie colours were also produced for the event in collaboration with .normaluisa. Life in plastic is fantastic!

Barbie goes design

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