In our attempt to leave summer behind and say hello to autumn, we came up with the ideal chair that will help us do it in great style. The ivy chair is the new creation of Tokyo based H220430 studio and is absolutely irresistible. As its creator points out, while living in the city where nature is excluded to the utmost limit, we tend to forget the fact that we depend on the power of nature and we do not remember it until natural disaster strikes. The ivy chair intends to express the metaphor of nature excluded in the city and its all-white leaves seem almost real in a surreal way, as if we were surrounded by trees and flowers of a distant world. Reality and fantasy team up in order to celebrate nature. It comes of no surprise that there is a strong philosophy hidden behind it.

The people from H220430 studio believe that “design is a useful method to solve many problems that modern society has; from environmental issues to disparity in wealth. Excellent design spreads over the world and has a power to tell messages in a wide range. In some cases, it has more influence than text and art and induces viewers to significant communication”. After that particular injection of design optimism, there is nothing left to be said. It seems that the world stared from the Ivy chair seems already a better place. What else should we ask from a chair?

Ivy chair by H220430 studio

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