All of you Tokidoki fans –and we are quite a lot- and Lagerfeld maniacs- that are even more- you better get ready for Christmas time! Because this winter it’s going to be really hot… And will smell like vinyl! Let me explain myself: Simone Legno, a.k.a. Tokidoki, the famous Italian artist that is in love with Japanese pop culture and has provoked a revolution with his colourful patterns in toys and T-shirts, and legendary fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, the man behind the triumph of Chanel, decided to unite forces in order to create something really hot and modern: the 10 inch vinyl figure of Karl Lagerfeld, dressed in his iconic black glasses and a skinny suit of his K Karl Lagerfeld collection, looking more funny and cool than ever. It is one of the best excuses to celebrate the success of the K collection of Lagerfeld that is a big hit amongst young hipsters and the urban fervor of anything that has the signature of Tokidoki.

The mini figure is going to be a limited edition, as it always happens with Tokidoki creations, of 1,000 pieces and is going to be sold exclusively in Tokidoki flagship stores in New York, Milan and Los Angeles and selected K Karl Lagerfeld retailers, with Colette getting the exclusive launch. Priced at 129 euros and hitting the stores worldwide pre holiday 2009, it is going to be sold out almost immediately, so you better watch out. One way or another, the ones that finally won’t make it will always have the opportunity to choose one of the K Karl Lagerfeld t-shirts of the next collection that are going to feature the mini Karl figure.

Designer-toy scene seems to be growing constantly and important fashion designers want to be part of it. As long as the results are rewarding, we are going to stay tuned. After all, who could resist to something as cute as the mini Karl figure?

collage of K Karl Lagerfeld collection by Yatzer

collage of K Karl Lagerfeld collection by Yatzer

Mini Karl, big pleasure!

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