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Swiss is one of the leading air companies, famous for some of the most traditional Swiss virtues like technical innovativeness combined with reliability and solidity at the same time.
Now Swiss is about to set new standards by introducing the First class suite designed by London-based design consultancy, Priestman Goode. Modern design and high quality materials are only some of the characteristics of Priestman Goode’s magic touch in the Swissair’s suite. The concept’s priority is to ensure passenger’s comfort and privacy in a luxurious and relaxing space.
Ladies and Gentlemen please fasten your belts. Yatzer welcomes you to the first trip in the Swiss First class suite.

additional text by Priestmangoode
SWISS are introducing a new First Class cabin into their fleet in April, the centrepiece of which is the First Class suite designed by London-based design consultancy, Priestmangoode.
The Suite offers a design which is relaxed but exact in terms of detailing and quality of materials, offering top inflight comfort, extensive privacy and can be individually adjusted to each passenger's specific wishes and needs.
The spacious surroundings of the suite and adjustable sidewalls provide privacy, whilst sophisticated lighting and contemporary design combine to create a calm and luxurious space.
The seat can be adjusted at the touch of a button to the passenger's requirements, with intuitive features allowing you to control the space without feeling overwhelmed by technology. A bespoke controller, also designed by Priestmangoode, allows you to adjust the seat, privacy screens and lighting but these can also be adjusted by hand.

Nigel Goode, founding director of Priestmangoode and lead director comments, "As a starting point, we looked at the recognisably Swiss traits of traditionally under-stated design delivered with a lightness of touch, precise craftsmanship and attention to detail. We focused on delivering a holistic brand experience on-board by mapping out the passenger journey from check-in to aircraft. The new SWISS First Class seat has been delivered with simplicity and quality at the heart of Priestmangoode's design."

Priestman Goode Design New First Class Suite for SWISS

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