The Minerals Collection is a range of candle holders in the latest collection of Lazerian. Lazerian is a creative practice that began in 2006, by Liam Hopkins, a Manchester (UK) based designer // maker. The collection is to premier at the 100% design exhibition in London in September along with a selection of other new designs.

Lazerian’s practice is focused on the creation of functional objects through playful investigation of materials and processes, and seeks to instil objects with a bit of soul. The philosophy of experimental practice is visible in The Minerals Collection as well. Hopkins drew inspiration from experimentation as he has managed to integrate the field of practical science exploration and experimental design practice.

When experimenting with the object creation via this process one would have to work backwards; from the end to the beginning. Basically, that is what Hopkins did in his experimental process; he carefully monitored the formation and the burning of candles. The observation noted that each unit had a unique final form. During his experimental and his research process his attention was drawn to the conical flasks which held the candles, and their distinguishing appearance. Note that conical flasks are usually found in chemistry or biology laboratories. Lazerian integrated the aesthetic qualities of the flasks into a functional candle holder and made a unique product of high quality solid beech. Each of the five designs in the collection is named after the mineral which is used to give the candle its distinct color. The product range is available in three sizes. For more information click on the following link

Liam Hopkins’ was once a curious toddler which experimented with everyday objects, their form and function. This interest of his led him to enroll on a Three Dimensional Design course, where he decided to further his studies by pursuing a BA(Hons) in Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. Hopkins is greatly influenced by the structure and the colors of nature, especially with the flowing form of the trees. In 2006 he founded Lazerian where ha has teamed up with designers Jason Chart Davies and Richard Sweeney. Lazerian designs are available at selected retailers and the online shop. The practice of Lazerian ranges on various projects including furniture, interiors, and design objects. And we’ll all be seeing more of Lazerian on Yatzer...soon!


The Minerals Collection by Lazerian

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