Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

Welcome to Abhijeet Kumar’s world. A world of exploring, transforming and pushing the possibilities of fabrics into a new age. An age were everyone is obsessed with form, function and the essence of hard furnishings. Abhijeet Kumar who is based in Ahmedabad, India, expresses these obsessions through the use of soft furnishings FABRIC.Yatzer is proud  to present to you his newest creation, the WELCOME CHAIR.

A sculptural element driven by the elasticity of the fabric moulding according to the figure that seats on it. Tall or short fat or thin wide or narrow the fabric stretches and expands holding the human form within itself giving it a custom seat made to measure only for the person sitting on it. Once someone gets up it is ready to customise itself yet again instantly to its new guest. This is achieved by the aluminium frame providing the basic guide for the fabric to form a volume and the thin black plastic rim which holds it in position. The seat depth has been worked out in order to support the calves . This sculptural element comes into place with its transparency which adds to the beauty of this creation.

For those of you who want more, Yatzer has exclusive inside information about Abhijeet Kumar’s new work in progress project. At the moment the talented designer is working on a chair carrying the name of the 'grokking chair'. This will be his perception of a rocking chair. However it will not be rocking in the convention sense but enjoyable and a teaser as the designer describes it. It will be launched under his new company which he is creating at the moment and will carry the name 'thingks'. The idea of the company is to explore the zone of products, which will be illustrated as a game of chess(chessboard) for example. Thoughts and strategies are objectified through the pawns, the grid, and of course their hierarchy. To put it in Abhijeet Kumar’s words "its about these simple 'thingks' that conspire utility in to our daily lives". Coming soon to a Yatzer screen near you...................

Welcome chair by Abhijeet Kumar

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