A collection of yatzer's favourite artworks and installations that are on-view during art-athina international contemporary art fair 2008. This post contains all the participations from Greek and international galleries, with links to their official websites.. strictly for art addicts!

The art-athina  international contemporary art fair will be on view untill Sunday the 25th of May at HELEXPO PALACE in Athens

yatzer has taken some snapshots with his digital camera, to share them with those who will not have the opportunity to visit Athens during the fair. 

According to yatzer aesthetics...the highlights of art-athina  international contemporary art fair 2008 are the following:

postscript | the yellow tags in each photo, contain the name of the artist and the name of the gallery that the artwork/installation is displayed. For further informations about each item, please contact the galleries, following the links posted below.

23 - 25 MAY 2008
Art Athina was first established in 1994, by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, being among the oldest contemporary art fairs in Europe. The fair played a decisive role in the creation of a dynamic arts market in Greece.
Art Athina successfully launched its restart in May 2007, following a necessary one year’s pause, in order to regroup its forces and review its goals, in relation to the international art market.
This year, the fair makes a dynamic comeback, after having received warm feedback from international and local galleries. The fair will collaborate once more with Greek and international art professionals, among them Marina Fokidis, Bettina Busse, Sarah Belden, Isabella Bortolozzi, in order to deliver a rich, stimulating programme of projects and events that balance a commercial and curatorial approach.

Basic Plan

The main fair section includes :

AD Gallery
Agathi AD Gallery
Astrolavos Art Galleries

Ancient & Modern (9+1)
Andreas Huber Gallery (9+1)
Athens Art Gallery

Batagianni Gallery
C. Grimaldis Gallery
Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos
Christian Nagel Gallery
Curators Without Borders (B)
Croy Nielsen (9+1)
Dependance (9+1)
Dollinger art Project
Ekfrasi - Gianna Grammatopoulou
Eleni Koroneou Gallery
Federico Bianchi
Françoise Heitsch
Galerie Air Garten (B)
Gallerie Balice Hertling (9+1)
Galerie Francesca Pia (9+1)
Galerie Gillian Morris (B)
Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand
Galerie Micky Schubert (9+1)
Galerie Mirko Mayer/m-projects
Galerie Reinhard Hauff
Galerie Tristesse deluxe (B)
Groeflin Maag Galerie
Habres & Partner Gallery
Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery (9+1)
Kalfayan Galleries
Laura Bartlett Gallery (9+1)
Medusa Art Gallery
Mirta Demare
Mulier Mulier Gallery
Nice & Fit
Peres Projects
Perugi Artecontemporanea
Potnia Thiron
Standard (Oslo) (9+1)
Stedefreund (B)
Thanassis Frissiras Art Gallery

The Apartment 
The Breeder
Tint Gallery 
Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery 
Tsatsis Projects
Upstairs Berlin (B)
Xippas Gallery 
Zina Athanassiadou Art Gallery

In this invitational section within Basic Plan Isabella Bortolozzi (Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery, Berlin) invites cutting edge international galleries.

Participating galleries:
Ancient & Modern (London, UK)
Andreas Huber Gallery (Vienna, AU)
Balice – Hertling (Paris, FR)
Croy Nielsen (Berlin, DE)
Dependance (Brussels, BE)
Francesca Pia Gallery (Zurich, CH)
Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery (Berlin, DE)
Micky Schubert (Berlin, DE)
Laura Bartlett Gallery (London, UK)
Standard (Oslo, N)

Open Plan

Art Athina’s curatorial section, introduced in 2007, is brought back this year with a stronger exhibitional feel. Curator Bettina Busse (Berlin) invites interesting international art galleries to exhibit sculptures and installations, stretching the limits of the traditional art fair, offering new opportunities to buyers.
Participating galleries and artists:

AD Gallery
Ekfrasi - Gianna Grammatopoulou
Eleni Koroneou Gallery
Kalfayan Galleries
The Apartment
Zone D
Potnia Thiron
Medusa Art Gallery
Charim Galerie
Galerie Hubert Winter
Krinzinger Projekte
Mirko Mayer / m-projects
Studio Sassa Trulzsch
Nice & Fit

Focus: Berlin Now
This year’s special tribute will focus on emerging, cutting-edge galleries from Berlin, invited by Sarah Belden (Curators without Borders gallery, Berlin)
Curators Without Borders
Galerie Gillian Morris
Galerie Air Garten
Upstairs Berlin
Tristesse Deluxe

Parallel Plan
The fair’s parallel programme provides a platform for a number of curated projects and events, onsite at Helexpo and offsite in venues around the city, including exhibitions, performances, talks and encounters.
This year’s Garage Project is titled “Athensville” and curated by Marina Fokidis. The project includes an exhibition at the fair venue’s garage, as well as a number of individual projects and works in various locations in and out of the building. This exhibition presents artists that live and work in Athens (or use Athens as a reference point in their work), selected regardless of generation or age of the artist or of the work. The main focus of the exhibition is to create an atmosphere that will convey eccentricities and idioms of the local art scene. A microcosm that is intended to antagonize the atmosphere of the main fair, or any other art fair, a microcosm that is dark, fragile, and in a away more participative, and thus intends to complement the event.

The Art Athina Art Talks will feature discussions between art professionals on various subjects, presentations of local and international projects, institutions and publications. Among the participating speakers are Catherine David, Christian Viveros-Faune, Roger Buergel, Ruth Noack, November Paynter, and Bonnie Marranca.

The offsite exhibitions include:

The exhibition “Five Seasons of the Russian Avant-Garde. Works from the Costakis Collection”, organized by the Museum of Cycladic Art, in collaboration with the State Museum of Contemporary Art and coordinated by ArtBOX.gr | creative arts management. This is the first time that part of the Costakis Collection will be presented in Athens, after its acquisition by the State Museum of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition “Lion under the rainbow. Art from Tehran”, curated by Alexandros Georgiou, will present works by 19 artists based in Tehran. The exhibition is a production of D-ART – Non-Profit Organisation.

The exhibition “Elements of Light”, curated by Boris Manner, represents Art Athina’s close collaboration with Stella Art Foundation, that is establishing the first Contemporary Art Museum in Moscow. The exhibition is a co-production of Stella Art Foundation and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, organized in Greece by the Hellenic American University and coordinated by ArtBOX.gr | creative arts management.

Finally, the exhibition “Looking forward to hearing from you…” presents contemporary Cypriot artists. It is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Education of Cyprus and the Embassy of Cyprus in Athens- House of Cyprus, in collaboration with the Gounaropoulos Museum, where it will take place.


Art Athina 2008

With the support of the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Athens
Organizing institution: Hellenic Art Galleries Association
General Director: Michalis Argyrou
Artistic Director: Christos Savvidis (ArtBOX.gr)


Attica Exhibition and Conference Centre
39, Kifissias Avenue, 151 23 - MAROUSSI

Art Athina 2008 highlights

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