Guest Contribution by Pascal Panagiotidis

B Institut in Vannes gets an A in design and innovation thanks to Trustindesign. A different beauty parlour thanks to a selection of beautiful furniture pieces and lighting that makes it a welcoming place to everyone.
The original idea was to keep the identity of the brand by giving a modern touch through many different stylish objects and innovating ideas. The walls have been decorated with beautiful drawings using bright colors whilst the main entrance gives a warm welcome to the visitor with a wooden reception with modern design stools and chairs by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

Established in 2004 by Joran Briand, Etienne Vallet and Arthur de Chatelperron, it marks the beginning of a prolific and innovative collaboration. Trust in Design is an interdisciplinary agency in the fields of architecture, architecture of interior, design and graphics. The agency is interested since its beginnings in the complex reports which maintain all these disciplines and with the new rules of technological reality. Each project is conceived with a total glance and a radical attitude.

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Project : beauty parlour
Type : invitation to tender
Location : Vannes, FRANCE
Date : 11.01.08
Size : S: 100 m²
Materials : woods and resin floor Budget : 100 000 euros
Client : b.institut
Project  team : Joran Briand (TRUST)
Collaborators : Serazin agencement
Status : completed
Description : B institut is a biological beauty parlour.

b.institut by TRUST

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