BRΙΕFC[eramic]ACE is an ambitious concept for a briefcase that makes extensive use of Zirconium Oxide on its surface as well as leather details. Zirconium Oxide belongs to the family of high-tech ceramic materials and it balances between the rich history and culture of the traditional ceramics, from which it derives and its high-tech properties. The aim but also the challenge in this project was to try to bridge the primitive character of traditional ceramics (like terracotta and porcelain) with the unique properties of high-tech ceramics like their extreme hardness (2nd harder material after diamond), scratch-and abrasion-resistance, skin friendliness and unique sensuous tactility. In this case, the large ceramic surfaces provide the space to experiment with finishes and patterns for the creation of numerous products of unique aesthetics. Inspiration can be drawn from antique pottery masterpieces deriving from all over the world but also contemporary graphic arts. Products with powerful visual impact though can be created even by leaving the ceramic surfaces empty and by only combing leather parts of different colours. (text written by the designer)

The BRΙΕFC[eramic]ACE concept won the "iF concept award 2008"

about Alexandros Stasinopoulos
Alexandros is an award winning designer educated in the domains of product design and product innovation. He is native Greek but he has lived and studied in Italy and Holland as well as traveled in different countries and been exposed to different international cultures to collect images, impressions and experiences. Alexandros is passionate about working on different projects but always tries to infuse to them subtle notions of sensitivity and visual excitement. You can find more information about him and his work by following the link:

BRΙΕFC[eramic]ACE by Alexandros Stasinopoulos

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