Buzzispace (a creative think tank) is like a bunch of busy buzzing bees. Busy, busy, business... There are all kinds of ways to interpret these ideas.
The designer Saskia Adriaenssens took the basic values she sought to give the products – ecologic, acoustic and flexible – and used a natural flow to transform them into a contemporary design. Recycled materials based on the cradle-to-cradle philosophy, sound-absorbing combinations to make less stress-inducing environments and a variety of colour and set-up possibilities, giving users the freedom to choose, all this goes hand-in-hand with a sturdy, fixed yet gentle form.

The Buzzizone is an acoustic and ecologic space divider that is perfect for both home and office. It is a divider that grows with you, from a children’s play area to office space to a reading corner. The dividers are flexible and can be set up without any tools. So you can move them around as much as you would like. The dividers are made of ecologic materials and are available in eco-grey combined with orange, fuchsia, lime-green and off-white. That makes them flexible, ecologic and attractive too.

Saskia Adriaenssens
, the current in-house designer, has been giving free reign to her imagination in thinking up designs, but there is definitely room for new talent in the future: for proven skills, but also for young newcomers who need a little boost.

Saskia Adriaenssens describes Buzzispace as follows:
Can you hear me?
Acoustic: the combination of soft and hard material, weight and form, turns the Buzzispace products into a very performing ‘noise-absorber’.
The world is my cradle
Ecologic: In search of a ‘cradle to cradle’ solution, all Buzzispace material is recycled or biodegradable. Wasted PET is ‘upcycled’ to design-felt and the biodegradable cardboard inside can be returned to nature through the idea of ‘waste is nutrition’.
The only permanence is change
Flexible: As quickly as situations in our daily environment change, we need to adapt structures and styles at the same speed. To this end, Buzzispace objects are light, easily (re)installed and multifunctional.

Tecnospace is a young up-and-coming company specialising not only in sound-proofing space dividers for the office, but also in ecologic designs for the home.

The company’s focus is twofold: firstly, there is Tecnospace with its Tecnopure, Tecnoline and Tecnozone walls. Then there is Buzzispace: a creative cell with additional design products and a platform for independent designers and/or artists. It is a kind of creative laboratory!

The Tecnospace department has been a trendsetter for many years in the space divider market, bringing out all kinds of new products, very popular for office installations in Belgium and abroad, but they are also ideal for all kinds of other applications. Tecnospace can also be used for ceilings, gyproc, floors and more. It is a total solution.

The inspiration behind the company
    Tecnospace is run by CEO Steve Symons and business partner Alexandre Stoop. Steve Symons announced as a child that he would someday run his own business. He studied applied economics at the UFSIA in Antwerp. Oddly enough, he would spend all his free time with students from the arts academy. A creative mind with a gift for numbers.
    Steve Symons has a nose for business and his manifold interests and eternal quest for innovation make him something of a visionary, putting just the right product on the market at just the right time. While space dividers are not generally considered either sexy or exciting, Tecnospace has managed to turn an initially boring product into a contemporary and inspiring design product. In other words, Steve Symons is a creative economist with a far-reaching interest in architecture and design.
    When Symons entered the space divider business 12 years ago, he could not help but notice what a boring business it was. He took this as the right reason to set up his own company.
Tecnospace rapidly emerged as a trendsetter with a prominent role on the Belgian market. There was no stopping growth, which meant more investments. As such rapid growth required constant financial controls, four years later he brought Alexandre Stoop on board as a partner: this former employee of KPMG had experience in consultancy and financial management.
    The partners complement one another perfectly and have exactly the same aims and objectives. Quality and service are their top priority. The bosses think nothing of visiting potential clients themselves, and they follow the production process from A to Z with eagle’s eyes. It goes without saying that all the client’s wishes are respected insofar as possible. Tecnospace provides flexible systems, so the sky is the limit: using personalised walls to divide an industrial plant with a couple of thousand square metres of surface area is just one possibility. Using Tecnospace is a bit like playing with blocks: anything goes! Clients can choose for themselves or opt for professional guidance, and the possibilities in terms of format, materials, prints, films and graphics on glass are endless.
    The name Tecnospace speaks for itself: it encompasses all the technical and spatial divisions in a company. Visit the offices in Wilrijk and you will soon see that the company is still growing. The working space is a bit cramped at the moment, but a spacious new office space a few hundred metres down the road should be ready by September.

Buzzizone by Tecnospace

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