CHIUSO blocks

Chiuso is pronounced "key-you-so", meaning closed in Italian.Due largely to the fact all of the pieces within the collection contain closed, shadowed, silhouette forms. The internal forms within these spreads are untouchable and create a deliciously high art vibe, not dissimilar to the objects within glass casings in museums.

These curated forms are only available in monochromatic as it is Emma Elizabeth personal belief that you see the beauty in objects much more effectively in black and white.
Focusing on the commercial, hotel, hospitality and retail sectors, Emma Elizabeth produces her collections overseas using French engineered manufacturers. Selling exclusively through her own company Emma Elizabeth Designs.

all photos by Dieu Tan

CHIUSO coffee table

CHIUSO candle sticks

CHIUSO chair

CHIUSO pendant light

CHIUSO rectangle mirror

Chiuso collection by Emma Elizabeth

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