His name is Daniel Enoksson and he has just sent me some images from his degree project at Beckmans College of Design. The less I could do is to share his beautiful projects - the deformed light and the Pieces.

words by Daniel Enoksson


Title: Deformed Light
Type: Pendant Light
Design: Daniel Enoksson
Year: 2008
Photo: Joel Hesselgren
I used the simplicity of an ordinary fixture that contains three line lights, but I wanted to create something different than a stiff white rectangle. My solution to the problem was to break up the rectangle to create an asymmetric expression to the product. To enhance the asymmetry I let the fixtures hang with wires of different length, this creates an irregular effect when seen from a distance.

Title: Pieces
Type: Stool & Bench
Year: 2008
My starting point in this project was to create a contrast between different colours and different materials.I wanted them to look like they where characters and at the same time would work with in a group. I used pine, MDF and steel to create a contrast in the composition between the pieces.

Daniel Enoksson

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