Every Drop Counts is a series of bowls where the bottom of the bowl is subtly inclined to create a whole new way of getting people to finish every last drop. With stories which end at the bottom of the food or with graphic narratives which conclude where the food accumulates, the user is encouraged to finish every last drop. It is the first of a series of objects which are designed to contribute in the reduction of food wastage in the domestic environment.

Limited additions and customised graphics can be applied which make them ideal for dinner parties and special occasions. They are also perfect for children and can be used to teach a child the importance of finishing one’s food in a way he/she will enjoy and remember.

about Ayda Anlagan
Ayda Anlagan is an industrial designer living in London. After being awarded a MA degree in Industrial Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design last July, she is currently exploring job opportunities collaborating with other designers as well as working towards setting up her own brand and design studio. Her interest in social issues and ceramics have pushed her to design a series of objects which tackle the problem of reducing food wastage in the domestic environment.

Every drop counts by Ayda Anlagan

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