Her name is Kaman Tung. She was born in Hong Kong, she studied interior and architecture at Ecole Bleue in Paris, she attended 3D design lessons in ArtEZ and she graduated from the Man and Living Design Academy Eindhoven's Department  in December 2008. At the moment she is living and working in Paris.

Today she sent us her conceptual graduation "FAMILY" project. The members of this family include the Case Chair, the Backpack Chair, the HangerChair and the Table.

words by Kaman Tung
The idea came from the habit and needs people have when they are outside. For example, in restaurants and bars, we always put our coat and bags on the back of the chair and we always have to worry that someone might steal our belongings. And sometimes, we have bags that are too precious to put them on the dirty floor. That is the reason why I try to make public furnitures that response to these needs. I am focusing on chairs / seating, as I found that the most frequent used public furnitures are seats for people waiting or resting or doing something on it (like searching things in our big bags, writing, having a quick lunch etc..) . So these is a series of some simple chairs that discreetly merge our little needs in public space.

The Table is for people who are used to lay out their wallets, money, cigarettes etc. on the table. Some people do not bring bags and they used to take their belongings out from their pockets as it is not comfortable to sit with. The compartment of the table permits people to have their objects united and visible, so that they don’t have to worry about thieves or forgetting them behind.

This Chair is for people with the need of hanging their long coat, scarf, hats. People used to put their coat on the back of the seat, but the items always fall off the chair at some point, and the winter coat are always too long and touches the floor very often. The scarf is an easy item to forget, at least for me, I used to forget the scarf under my coat in general (as the scarf is usuallywhat you take off before your coat). While as the hat and gloves never have a place to stock. They always end up falling on the floor or put on the dirty table.

BackPack Chair
This Chair is for people who carries handbags, and those who has the habit of putting their bags/ belongings on their back. In the outdoor cafe terrace, when I have a handbag, I used to put it behind my back so that I can feel the presence of the bag, that I will notice if someone is taking it, but it is not comfortable to sit on something. And the option of hanging it on the chair is not safe, as anyone could steal the bag from behind. Thus, this chair aims to provide a safe zone for stocking our belongings.

The Chair is for people who carries a suitcase or a laptop with them. The side compartment permits the laptop or valuable object to be placed in a safe place and reducing the risk of the user forgetting the object when they leave.

The FAMILY graduation project by Kaman Tung

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