Gauthier Poulain’s approach is mainly based on the needs to share emotions and to create a poetic and functional communication between man and matter. Creating his first objects as a craftsman, the designer has a particular connection with raw matter and focuses on the research of strong contrasts between matter and colours. He confronts, tries unusual associations to create an intelligent and esthetic object from a block of raw matter. He is very receptive to shapes and matters, inspired by among others, nature and a great admirer of the designer Ross LoveGrove, Gauthier Poulain insists usually on finesse and perfect curves but he can also be rather more “industrial” than artist. Later, he focuses on isolated matters and experiments on their multiple possibilities to get their “best profile”. For two years, he has been an aficionado a fan of this new technique, he dedicates more time in designing silicone lampshades and Plexiglas.

Chair RUBBAN : 3D Gauthier Poulain

RUBAN Chair (2008) Always concerned about the pursuit of comfort, Gauthier Poulain designed “la chaise Ruban” (the RUBAN chair). This chair combines aesthetic and well-being with wooden back and seat designed in an organic way. The shape effect, made in bended wood, confers to the chair a dynamic line with the curved back’s unbroken movement.

Table basse TRILOGY : Michel de Bray
Table basse TRILOGY (2008) Inspired by the triangle, the “TRILOGY” coffe table is a simple and efficient evolution of this shape. Geometric break down, shape repetition or graphic effect: all are factors to decipher its design.The sculptural base is made in materials such as painted bended wood and solid wood to differentiate the arms ending. A see-through glass tabletop gives the table a modern and refined style.

_______Honorable Mentions from Gauthier’s portfolio…

Light PASTILLE: Stéphane migeotte

“pastille” is a suspension composed of two black slices of wood imprisoning a serie of little plexiglass pieces. it provides an amazing game of light , a graphic luminous line from the slice and a diffuse light from below that you can dim according to your mood

Light SUNSHADE (2007) : Stéphane migeotte

Pictolight 2005

Black and white portrait : Barthélemy Decobecq

Gauthier Poulain, 2008 updated

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