Do you remember my post on the 9th of November 2007,  "Jesus on the streets"? Today I 've finally discovered the creator of this awesome Jesus stencil. Find out what he said about his work, below.!

Name: Orticanoodles

Age: 32

Location: Milan (the official place of his street-art propaganda)

Profession: street artist / stenciler

Experience: 10 years graphic design and advertising in Milan

portfolio: Orticanoodles , flickr

Favourite object: x-acto blade

Favourite cities: Paris + Berlin

Favourite arist: Shepard Fairey

Favourite face: Jesus

How did everything start?

The first stencils with some attitude hit the streets in 2005. They were quite different from the ones I make now, not only from a technical standpoint… subjects were koi carps which, being so coloured, were suitable for a pictorial treatment, colourful backgrounds and interactions between spray and brush. I have never made writing, I don’t know why I started pasting carps in the street but it was fun and I’m still learning a lot, it suddenly became something I have devoted myself to.


After koi carps, Jesus. Why?

   Because he is Very Important Person ! I remember a quotation about Obay, by Shepard Fairey written on a website:

the day people will have fun to divert him, the loop will be locked!

   Shepard Fairey is my favourite street artist, his style surprises me all the time. I consider his works as guidelines defining the rules of street art. Obey's face represents a format that a lot of artists have reviewed, and I like to work in this way with Jesus’s face. Obey is great, thanx to obey propaganda, Stencil scene in Europe is characterized from a lot of french stencilers, the style is clean and technical level is very high, there are a lot of recognised artists from which I keep inspiration, such as Logan Hicks, MBW, Sich, Jr, Pq , C215.

   Now I spend a lot of time on it, my stencils are getting cleaner and bigger. I mainly paint legally in jams or authorized events, I want to do things properly, I don’t care about vandalism, I don’t like tags all over the places, the only illegal thing I do is poster affiche.

   I have spent a lot of time preparing new stencils for difusor and after long solitude and silence now I’m looking forward to having fun with my x-acto, working with and meeting as many people as possible: this will be a dream come true. In the future I’ll participate in all possible events as I always find the right attitude for working and sharing experiences with no police problems. I have got stopped by the police several times while pasting up, it’s not a big deal in Milan, the city is pretty well covered with posters and the police knows street art: once they ascertain posters do not convey political messages, they let you go. I must say that in Milan things are not so bad, media and town authorities are trying to promote this kind of artistic expression: it’s a good moment for street art!

    Now I have to get back to my stencil…

 Orticanoodles 's tag from his participation at the first exhibition of Atwork Posters Showroom. Atwork is an exhibition space, located at 23 rue de la Burdeau (Lyon, France) in the offices of the cultural magazine, and two independent graphic Small and Home Made studio.

Expo N°1 @ Atwork PosterShowRoom by RECmag
featuring artists : Le Rieur, Cy (Cyface), Orticanoodles, Sonick, Stereotyp, Atelier Hors série

God bless his hands

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