Some Happiness please!
Boutique L.U.I.S.
asks the classic question: Can one buy happiness? An extremely cool and thoughtful project by Julie, Christian and Frederick, 3 students from THE DANISH DESIGN SCHOOL (Visual Communication) in Copenhagen. From 5 December 2008  you can buy happiness at their fortune-concept store Boutique L.U.I.S., as part of the exam project - a "rebellion against the obligation to be happy." What is happiness? A small white dog, the smell of new leather, a piece of wood? These students explore fortune-concept and open a store for 10 days, giving customers a unique opportunity to buy happiness made to measure. Happiness hunters can go crazy until the 15th of December.

Boutique L.U.I.S. is open from 5 to 15 December. 2008

address: Rose Vænget allé 19th , Østerbro / Copenhagen

The Happiness boutique

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