"hey...Keep fishing good news" Jaime Hayon for Yatzer

All of us at Yatzer wanted to send out a greeting card to our readers for the New Year in a very special and unique way. A way that we can express our appreciation for your devotion and our enthusiasm for having you aboard this design journey. Without being modest we would like to proudly and excitedly say mission accomplished.

Our editor in chief, Costas Voyatzis, contacted one of his most influential and adored designers for this task, which is none other than the multi talented and trend setter Jaime Hayon.  Mr. Hayon gave us the highest honour in creating a greeting sketch solely and exclusively for Yatzer. This was truly beyond our highest expectations and would like to take this opportunity to say a humble and overwhelming Thank You!.

Our readers are very important to us and we always want to share with you all of our knowledge, excitement and ideas. Your support and involvement drives us to challenge ourselves even further breaking our targets and reaching for higher standards. 

in 2010 Yatzer will:
* Dress your eyes with the highest couture
* Challenge your brain with the edgiest design items
* Culture your senses within the art world
* Inspire your being through architecture
* Entertain your lives with interviews competitions and all ways that bring you closer to us.
We appreciate your devotion to us and can not wait to share all these experiences with you in 2010.

Our motto as always will be DESIGN IS TO SHARE

www.yatzer.com stay tuned.
Wishing you A Yatzer New Year.
From all of us to all of you

The Yatzer Team

Jaime Hayon // photo © Nienke Klunder

Jaime Hayon // photo © Nienke Klunder

HAPPY NEW YEAR by Jaime Hayón for Yatzer

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