BLOC candles
Candles made like building blocks. These playful candles have wicks that inter connect with each other block to keep burning continuously, whatever shape you build. They were first shown at ICFF, New York this May and  now they are produced by Charles and Marie). Bloc candles come in 6 bright colors and 2 sizes with a base plate.

This is a candle separated into its basic parts. A block of wax, a shiny drill key to make a hole and wicks. You can use as many wicks as you wish, make graphics with them or just keep on putting wicks in them to burn it all away. New project first showing this Maison et Objet.

Hand blown candle lampshade, its shape is a very simple but elegant shape derived from the shape of normal lamps. 3 colors, orange, light green, and sky blue are available. It measures 20cm in height and 20cm in diameter, large enough to hold most candles and gives off a very beautiful glow as the light transmits though the colors of the lamp.


Industrial designer Hyock Kwon

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