portrait of Jean Luc Le Deun, photo © 2009 Costas Voyatzis. All rights reserved.

Since Yatzer’s launch, I had the honour in meeting astounded and amazing people with which some of them I had the pleasure to meet them in person, like my beloved friend Philippe Dufour Loriolle. The reason why I’m mentioning Philippe is because he brought me close to one of his best friends, Jean-Luc Le Deun, at his stand during last September's Maison & Objet exhibition.
Unfortunately, today is not the day for yatzer to unravel the works of the much talented Philippe Dufour Loriolle (believe me you will want to please stay tuned for that) but for Jean Luc Le Deun.

Jean-Luc is a boy with a smile as bright as his creations.
Since the day that I have met him, I never had the opportunity to share his creations with Yatzer readers, not because I didn’t want to but purely because I wanted to give it the importance it needed. During the January MAISON & OBJET exhibition in Paris, I came upon his stand yet again and I have to admit that I felt guilty because I had left my Yatzer readers in the dark for so long regarding his work.
Since 1997 when Jean Luk launched the brand Le Deun - Luminaires, light emitting diodes have been the main light-source for all their products and installations. All Le Deun models are designed and manufactured by a professional team in France, at their head office in central Paris. Le Deun studio works for architects, designers, famous manufacturers / brands and also many other bespoke projects. They are also working on all kind of projects from stand alone lighting to world-wide events.

Describe yourself in 5 words :
If you could be a different nationality what could it be ?
Californian… not just American, but « Californian » with their special state of mind… i lived in San Francisco for 3 years and really felt like home !
How did you start « playing » with the light?
I used to be a photographer, and playing with light. Now I’ve just changed field.
Are you afraid of darkness?
Not at all, but I prefer shadow… some kind of in-between state.
Of your own design work, what project are you most proud of and why?
Moët et Chandon asked me to design the bar of the great party they gave in New York for the Statue of Liberty 120th anniversary… Such a great memory!
It seems that circles and squares are your favorite shapes. Are you afraid of triangles?
Triangle? What the hell is that?!  We like all kind of geometric shapes, just give us some time!

model: John Christopher
his boss is  Philippe Dufour Loriolle

What inspires you?
The « missing » things as the « unfinished » ones are endless inspiration for me. I am just trying to look out for anything that has never existed before!
You are going for a week end « somewhere » and you have to invite 7 famous people, dead or alive. Where would you go and who would they be?
The scene would take place in San Francisco and honestly, I’d rather spend my week end with my favorite buddies rather than with people I don’t know. But let’s say Richard Avedon, Thomas Edison, Jean Paul Gaultier, Charlotte Perriand, Andy Warhol, Shugi Nakamura and Edina Monsoon... and a lot of champagne!!!!!
Describe me the perfect day.
I take the best of everyday I spend, and in case it does not work, there’s always  tomorrow!
What are your future plans?
Moving in my new office and work on our new projects: the lighting of 3 museums, a spa, a hotel… and of course the new collection!

styling: Costas Voyatzis, publication: MAISON & DECORATION, Photo © 2008 Lambros Mentzos. All rights reserved.

The above image comes from the "HOLY NIGHT" shooting  for MAISON & DECORATION, the Greek design magazine that you already know I work for. The candles on the right are Jean Luc's creations and they are called e-candles. The reason I'm mentioning it is that I could never imagine that he would be featured one day at Yatzer pages!

Thank you Jean Luc ( and Philippe of course!)

Costas Voyatzis

Jean Luc Le Deun - Luminaires

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