Belgian designer Sebastien Wierinck founder of OnSite Studio has created the Panels 02 /03  and Table which were shown at Salone Satellite 2009 in Milan, with the 101pct Designed in Brussels selection.


You may remember Sebastien Wierinck's OS00 series (images below) that were published at Yatzer on the Salone Satellite 2008 Milan report in 2008.

OS00 characterises itself materially by the use of industrial flexible tubes, formally by its fluid and organic forms and conceptually by a variable design and production process.
Using the principles of "programmation" , the system offers a huge range of applications in term of typology, function and scale.
The studio can thus respond to most demands, by an appropriate and individual proposition.

photo credits / Prototype no.10:

* Type: Temporary furniture Installation. 
* Materials: PE flexible tubes, steel + stainless steel structure, lights.
* Dimensions: 62 m2.
* Production year: 2007.
* Place: Gallery Into Art&Furniture, Berlin - De.
* Design: Sebastien Wierinck
* Production: Onsite Studio
* Co-production: Gallery Into Art&Furniture. Region PACA, Association de Designeurs.
* Pictures: Frank Seehausen.
* © Sebastien Wierinck – Onsite Studio, 2007

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