The light prose installation during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, was featured in the cloister of the Centre Culturel Francais at the Palazzo delle Stelline (corso Magenta 69)

light prose by saazs

Essential, fascinating and mysterious, artificial light has gradually turned from its simple ‘victor over light’ status as the first light bulb was invented in 1882 to a sublimating vector of our universe, both unique and part of our daily life.

Its successive (r)evolutions have made it more compact, more flexible, infinitely more open to creative uses. It has become a material that artists and designers can shape to create emotions. However, just like sunlight, artificial light has until today kept some form of power over man, split between attraction towards this vital force and the danger of its burning, dazzling rays.

In the light of this third millennium, after almost 10 years of research, Planilum – a technology co-developed by SAAZS and Saint-Gobain innovations – redefines our relationship with light from the ground up, by suppressing the very reasons for our past fears. Pure, graphic and sensual, light becomes a soothing element that lets you touch it, look at it – it becomes a living material.

With the Light Prose project, SAAZS celebrates this new form of intimacy with light through groundbreaking objects, emblems of this new reality, this new experience that will redefine your daily life.

Wall piece / Design Tomas Erel ("EVERY WALL TELLS A STORY".)
WALLOVER pieces are large picture-like objects, abstract or narrative surfaces that light up their environment and embellish any objects you lay directly on their light.
WALLOVER is a lightpiece for dreaming as much as for living.
WALLOVER is a wall lightpiece that can be used as a console supporting up to 44lbs (20kg). It features a reinforced black metal case containing a S012 or S011 lamp and a white or black gloss Bakelite kick panel, or a sheet of polished or brushed stainless steel. (cm) L185 / H45 / P36

Floor piece / Design Tomas Erel
FLAQ is a tale of pure light, water and reflection. Of that particular night-time moment, right after the rain has stopped, when water forms tiny lakes reflecting the stars and lights of the city.
FLAQ is a romantic lightpiece, a kind of natural event, a simple, magical invitation to reverie.
FLAQ is a floor lightpiece made up of a reinforced black metal case containing a S012 or S011 lamp and a Bakelite kick panel supporting a sheet of polished stainless steel. (cm) L108-160 / l81-92 / H123

Floor piece / Design Tomas Erel
LIGHTBIRD evokes a bird that landed for a few moments’ rest, illuminating us in the process. Its velvet-like texture, pure light and soft warmth make LIGHTBIRD a naturally soothing creature – a ‘pet-object’ that feels like it might purr under your touch.
LIGHTBIRD is a floor lightpiece that can be used as a table.
LIGHTBIRD is made of jointed 0.1” (3mm) steel sheets and integrates one S012 lamp. Gloss varnish is applied by aerospace engineering specialists, guaranteeing excellent durability and a beautiful, velvet-like finish. The black version also features crystal varnish to ensure extra protection against scratching. (cm) L160 / l100 / H30.

designs for Saazs Institute


Nature versus technology by Arik Levy for Saazs Institute


Balafon by Adrien Gardere for Saazs Institute

Tron or Flying DOTS by Christian Biecher for Saazs Institute

photographs : Eric Traoré, Jean-françois Lesenechal
styling : Pascal Humbert
model : Catrinel Menghia

Light prose by Saazs

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