The Little Wild Garden of Love Moroso interprets outdoor products in its own unique and original way bucking the trend and commissioning Tord Boontje to design this season's installation, believing there is no-one better than him capable of generating the garden of our dreams. And us find enchanted and magical nature in the Moroso showroom of Via Pontaccio, which, with the unmistakeable touch of Boontje, brilliant creator of fantastic worlds which merge the imagination and the reality, becomes "The Little Wild Garden of Love". The title of the installation communicates the essence and the meaning of this world, created to tell of a bold, eclectic, wild, multicultural and multicoloured collection born from true passion and fruit of the great love between the company and the designer. Tord Boontje, interpreting nature in an abstract way, bestows us with an enchanting garden made of fabric panels, lights, colours, circles, mirrors and special effects, dividing the space into different areas which need to be dicovered, each with its own original, unique atmosphere.


'net chair' by tomek rygalik

'rain chair' by tord boontje

'tropicalia' chair by patricia urquiola

images from Milan Furniture Show - Moroso Stand 

The little wild garden of love by Tord Boontje for Moroso

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