Unique metal design and gallery. // LOD’s gallery, minimalistic and Scandinavian in style, is specialised in offering unique one off jewellery, and small scale series that are individually hand made and designed. LOD is situated on Kungsholmen in central Stockholm and consists of Jenni Caldwell, Erik Tidäng, Pernilla Sylwan, Klara Eriksson, Tobias Birgersson and Pertonella Eriksson. It hosts four major exhibitions per year and has the shop running year round, constantly updating its jewellery and metal objects. LOD profiles a lot of larger items/corpus in conjunction with the jewellery. So at any time one can see items that are tiny petite up to a larger scale in a range of different materials. The hub of activity – LOD’s workshop- is clearly visible behind the gallery frontage. LOD thinks that “is important to emphasise the link between the designer/maker and the objects that we sell“. It is a very honest and unique approach at LOD resulting in fantastic creative design and a wonderful dialogue between the customer and the maker.

previews of what can be found inside LOD

Cheesebug, for passing the cheese over the table. Tobias Birgersson. Captured moment. Iron and silver. Jenni Caldwell. Bowl for making the pancakes. Everydays luxury. Silver. Klara Eriksson Bowl, iron and rubber. Erik Tidäng. Ring in powder coating silver. Pernilla Sylwan. “Carex” .Rings, silver. Petronella Eriksson.

Hironori Tsukue is LOD’s interior designer.(I’m reminding you his participation at Future Living exhibition in Stockholm). LOD opened the doors to the new gallery in oktober 2007.
Upcoming exhibition : “Say Yes“about the things around a wedding. On preview from the 12th of April
LOD as a group has worked for contemporary silver since 1999

LOD gallery and shop in Stockholm

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