April 22–30, 2009
Spazio Rossana Orlandi – Via Matteo Bandello, 14 – Milan, Italy

Design for everyone. Intended as a way of thinking, translated into a user’s manual. To be spread to the masses online and communicated through an exhibit – Made AT Home – held alongside the Salone Internazionale del Mobile ‘09.
It represents a new challenge only one year after the conception of, the brand new design portal by Il Corriere della Sera.
It’s a simple idea: to bring the world of design inside every household and for those who surf the internet trying to reduce the gap between those who think and those who are consumers.

How? Through the world wide web seen as a bridge between designers and users.
Partners in crime: 33 international creative minds recruited by which will craft, exclusively for the portal and keeping in mind a DIY practical guide, household objects and tools to assemble at home. Branded ideas, along with illustrations, ready to be given life and to be utilized. From polystyrene suspended lights by Antonio Cos to American-style table cloths made of recycled plastic by Doriana Fuksas; from the net clutch purse by Bela Louloudaki to the book-stack coffee table by Giulio Lacchetti all the way to the portable pouf by Anna Sacconi.

cufflinks by Sebastian Bergne

Everyone, visiting, will be able to find the right inspiration or the favorite creation. And, following the instructions step by step, the viewer/user will be extremely pleased in producing a piece of branded design on his/her own.
Inspiration comes from far away and interprets, via these design ideas, the DIY culture borrowed from America, that which combines creativity, re-use and recycling. That which experiments with the materiality of simple things. Think about it, those material belongings we spot at home and use daily, if reinvented and rethought, gain a new meaning, almost a second life.
This plethora of ideas and concepts is the outcome of a project involving 30 designers. It will be up to them, and to their prototypes, to guide each and everyone of you into the brand new world of creative re-use and reinvention. On the other hand, it will be up to us – – to gather all of these goods in a new section dedicated to the art of DIY.

net clutch purse by Bela Louloudak

making of net clutch purse by Bela Louloudak

The list of designers:
1. A12 / architects / Italy
2. A4A Design / architects / Italy
3. Arabeschi di Latte / architects / Italy
4. Marteen Baas / designer / Holland
5. Maria Vittoria Backhaus / photographer / Italy
6. Sebastian Bergne / designer / France
7. Philippe Bestenheider / architect / Switzerland
8. Fabio Bortolani / architect / Italy
9. Sergio Calatroni / architect / Italy
10. Giulio Cappellini / entrepreneur and architect / Italy
11. Nicolas Cheng / designer / Japan
12. Antonio Cos / designer / France
13. Christophe De La Fontaine / designer / Luxembourg
14. Xie Dong / designer / China
15. Doriana Mandrelli Fuksas / architect / Italy
16. Piet Hein Eek / designer / Holland
17. Peter Hils / designer / Canada
18. Giulio Iacchetti / designer / Italy
19. Nathalie Jean / architect and jewelry designer / Canada
20. Antonio Lagorio / architect / Italy
21. Max Lamb / designer / Great Britain
23. Bela Louloudaki / architect and jewelry designer / Greece
24. Toni Meneguzzo / Photographer / Italy
25. Roberto e Ludovica Palomba / architects / Italy
26. Matteo Ragni / designer / Italy
27. Annamaria Sacconi / architect / Italy
28. Cameron Sorachief / designer / Canada
29. Carlo Trevisani / designer / Italy
30. Patricia Urquiola / designer / Italy
31. Giorgio Vigna / jewelry designer / Italy
32. Dunja Weber e Monica Ferrigno / designers / Italy
33. Marco Zanuso Jr. / architect / Italy

polystyrene suspended lights by Antonio Cos

Flatpack white table by Marteeen Baas

American-style table cloths made of recycled plastic by Doriana Fuksas

making of American-style table cloths made of recycled plastic by Doriana Fuksas

Senzafondo vase by Dunja Weber & Monica Ferrigno

making of Senzafondo vase by Dunja Weber & Monica Ferrigno

paper bouquet by Xie Dong

made@home by

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