Better late, than never!!I found this great advertisment at treehugger today, and i was so curious to learn more informations about it…and here are the results :


“Power of Wind” from EPURON wins Golden Lion in Cannes
- Renewable Energies wins international competition
- Conergy Group again triumphs at Cannes
- Agency: Nordpol+ Hamburg

Hamburg, 29 June 2007: EPURON GmbH, a subsidiary of Conergy AG, won the top honour for best film advertising spot at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes. The “Power of Wind” ad is recognized as the most successful tv spot from Germany at Cannes. It was created by Nordpol+ Hamburg regarded as one of the most creative agencies worldwide.

The Spot cleverly demonstrates in a very charming and poetic way the strength of the wind – when used intelligently – everyone benefits. This project also drew the support of the German Federal Ministry of Environment. “When I saw ‘Power of Wind’ for the first time I was drawn by the motive and the humor of it. The Nordpol team did a great job in interpreting the meaning of wind energy into image and sound. It was an excellent ad for the future of renewable energies, “said Environment Minister, Sigmar Gabriel.

This was the second time the Conergy group was awarded for an advertising spot. In 2001, Conergy was a qualifier at Cannes. Now EPURON stands at the top of the ladder. “The Golden Lion proves that renewable energies can no longer be overlooked, not even the jury at Cannes,” replied Nikolaus Krane, Executive Board Member of Conergy AG and Managing Director at EPURON.

Maybe the most conceptual..poetic..and clever advertising spot you have ever seen

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