Antoine PHELOUZAT - "Mesh" table
One of the 13 project Assistance grants that was presented during the MAISON MEUBLE exhibition at the VIA stand
Mesh offers many functions: storage, meals, work. Its resolution relies on the same industrial technology as that used for building supermarket trolleys. Mesh transposes this technology in open-ended configurations suited for the home, going beyond the dimensions generally used for this fabrication process. The steel mesh is either coated with Epoxy paint or an electro-polished stainless steel finish, both solutions having no toxic chemical agents.

What is a VIA Project Assistance grant?
In its role as a discoverer of young talent, VIA analyses all the projects that are spontaneously submitted by designers every year. A committee composed of well-known figures from industry, distribution, creation, education and the press reviews these projects and selects those that appear to be the most relevant and innovative in terms of design, technique, aesthetics and environmental. Financing for the construction of prototypes is then allotted. This enables direct dialogue between the designer and the manufacturer or producer, with an eye to finding a market opening. VIA project assistance thus provides a valuable means of expression for all young design school graduates. Apart from the promotion aspect, designers also benefit by the fact that VIA puts them in direct contact with manufacturers. At the same time, VIA Project Assistance grants give manufacturers, producers and distributors the chance to discover and meet the talented people who are designing the products of tomorrow.

Mesh table by Antoine Phelouzat for Via

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