naoLoop is your ultimate organizer – stretching the limits of your everyday stuff. naoLoop’s stretch configurations can hold together mobile devices, name or credit cards, lipsticks or chewing gum. Any of your prized possessions can be compactly bunched together so that you can easily find them. Comfortable to the touch naoLoop wraps and protects your accessories. With its absolute reduction of material, naoLoop fits in your back pocket – or your disco bag!
naoLoop is created with utmost care and attention. Its high-quality, robust materials are designed to last a lifetime. Both precise machining and skilled craftsmanship define our production process. Each naoLoop is unique with slight variances.
naoLoop’s extremely flexible Polyester Latex Band can stretch more than 50% and holds your items tightly and safely together so that nothing can slip out.

naoLoop Features
- minimal wallet
- best use of pocket space
- absolute reduction of material
- extremely flexible Polyester Latex Band
- flexibility
- comfortable touch
- comfortable to carry
- easy to reach
- protection of the carried accessories
- most important things are organized together

Things naoLoop can hold together
Cards, Mobile, Money, MP3, Perfume, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Lighter, Chewing gum, Mascara, Contact lenses, Key, Cigar, Penknife, Pen, Eye liner, Tampon, Nail file, Chopsticks, Deo, Condoms, Tissues, Creme, Glasses, Mirror, Powder, Comb, Dental floss, Medicine, Hairclip…

First release March 2009 on Naolab’s web site and Naolab Shop /
Retail price starts at 15 Euro (incl. tax) for naoLoop Basic

naoLoop by Naolab

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