Mathematics has always been a great point of reference for Design but also for Nicola Enrico Stäubli’s concepts. Nicola claims that the most crucial point in design is the conception of an idea; the initial point for any project, the driving force that leads the designer to his next step. That makes the final project a result of carefully followed phases where the idea is being materialized through consistent decisions.
His designs are open to the customer allowing a most versatile usage; this way anybody may be transformed to a co-designer. As the environment keeps changing it is vital for any project to be able to adapt to such changes. This is what Nicola’s designs exactly are: flexible and long lifespan concepts focused on the customer needs.

Today we are presenting 2 of his newest designs. The trestle table and the coat hooks


Metal frames are put over the edges of a tabletop and contracted with lashing straps creating a highly solid linkage. Other than conventional trestles it causes a table with an unitary look. It is designed to work with any table format and for tabletops dimensioned at 24 to 30mm thickness.

Material: Powder-coated steel

Coat Hooks

The growing popularity of online retailers calls for products that can be easily shipped. A simple metal strap with an unimpressive winding off can be transformed into an elegant double loop, held together at the intersection and mounted to the wall with a standard screw and washer.

Material: 0.4mm stainless spring steel, powdercoatet

about Nicola from Bern
Nicola Enrico Stäubli explores a new form of customization: Since the knowledge of the consumer needs will always be limited, he designs with a focus on the greatest possible flexibility. In today's world of the open source concept, consumers take on the role of co-designers. Nicola's designs have an openness allowing the hybrid customer the most versatile usage. Beyond a reference to the 2.0 economy, a similar product typology pairs with the requirements of a sustainable design – it's adaptable to a changing living environment thus providing long lifespan.
The designer about his work: "My projects represent an approach to design which has more to do with mathematics than with a personal and inward looking composition. I am always in search of the primary source of design – the initial point. It is by far the most important step because each and every decision in the design process is based on it. You end up with a physical manifestation of this idea which is to be judged not after the concept of beauty but as the logical result after a series of consistent decisions in the designing process."

Nicola Enrico Stäubli graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (2004) with a degree in Architecture. He is living and working as an independent designer, architect and bike messenger in Bern.


His Delta bed was one of the projects that we presented during last year's Salone Satellite Yatzereport 2008

New prototypes by Nicola Enrico Staubli

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