My Faithful Yatzer Readers,
I am in the proud position to announce that Yatzer has been climbing many mountains fast and has reached many peaks. Now another mountain has been put forward as a new challenge. The gear has been bought, the training has been completed and the climbing will commence on the 10th of April. Right about now I am guessing you are checking the web site's logo wondering if you have entered a Sport Fanatic Site.
So here we go...
Throughout the years many invitations have been put forward from high end design companies and exclusive designers from the United States requesting for collaborations and meetings. After many months of scheduling meetings and time management the programme is sealed and Yatzer will be climbing the glazed facades of New York.
This adventure was not decided solely for the reasons of the industry. The biggest daily visitation percentage of the site is the United States and it has been growing in numbers similar to that of the ray of light. Due to this Yatzer has felt the need to discover the Big Apple's design fanatics and understand their needs, passions and demands deeper.
From the 10th to the 22d of April there will be no updates available. However the mailbox will be active up and running as usual and I look forward to coming back to more challenging comments and strong points of views.
Yatzer will definitely come back to you with a bang, till then there are mountains to climb and journeys to inspire.

Creatively Yours

Costas Voyatzis
Publisher / Creative director
[email protected]

New York - New York

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