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Normann Copenhagen will be flying globally from February 2009
A simple, almost childlike form combined with happy colours and wood. Normann Copenhagen presents Plane – a wooden aeroplane designed by Ole Søndergaard for children of all ages. The story of Plane is about happiness, freedom and daring to dream. It is about the inner feelings of freedom and joy that you experience when you set out on new adventures – be they in fantasy or in reality.
In the summer of 2005 Ole Søndergaard wrote the following in his diary: “Above me, in the distance can be heard the sound of the engine of a little sports plane. It is summer and the air is completely still. The sky is a brilliant blue and as always I am drawn when I see a plane in the sky. With an almost childlike joy I can permanently forget both time and place and soar up into the wide blue yonder".
This is how Plane came about. The extremely simplistic, minimalistic and almost symbolic approach to product design is not unknown but is rather characteristic of Ole Søndergaard’s work. Honoured with design prizes and distinctions he has during the course of his career created innumerable pictograms, logos and the font ‘FF Signa’.



16x11 cm

Let loose fantasy and set out on a journey with Plane 1, Plane 2 or Plane 3. All are supplied with suspension cords.

Material: Lacquered wood, non-toxic paint
Colours: red, blue, black

Normann Copenhagen launches Plane

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