full strory in one image | Penguin Books: Hospital

Amazing ad campaign for Penguin Books with images that  take you through various stages of a story in a book.  But if these images are tied to specific book and not just to get people to read in general shouldn't they at least have the name of each book? ( I totally agree with the art director Cody Walker's comment, in the ads of the world page!)

Ad credits

Advertising Agency: SAATCHI & SAATCHI, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Executive Creative Directors: Adrian Miller, Edmund Choe
Copywriters: Lydia Lim, Ong Kien Hoe
Art Directors: Lydia Lim, Ong Kien Hoe, Edmund Choe
Photographer: Allen Deng, Wizard Photography
Typographer: Lydia Lim
Account Supervisor: Aaron Taylor
Retoucher: Karen Yap, Wizard Photography

zoom in | Penguin Books: Hospital

Penguin Books: Staircase

full strory in one image | Penguin Books: Home

zoom in  | Penguin Books: Home

Penguin Books: Desert

Penguin Books ad campaign

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