Eric Benqué is an industrial designer who lives and works in Paris and has recently exhibited his "planches" at  the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris. A proposal with a special attention for material saving. The exhibition is on view untill Saturday the26th of July.

Photographs: © Andre Morin Courtesy Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris / Miami
Courtesy: Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Miami & Paris


Exhibition at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris.
June 21st to July 26th 2008

These pieces are about the legibility of the physical forces in presence. They interact to built stable, calm and stress-free constructions. Shapes come from the geometrical assemblage, the organisation of boards within the space. Each element of each piece of furniture is visible, and take a comprehensible part in the construction. A proposal with a special attention for material saving.

Technical datas
The boards are out of a made-to-measure bamboo composite. The grass grain is consistently oriented in the diagonal of the boards.  The chaise longue mattress is out of boiled wool.


Eric Benqué

Eric Benqué's latest projects (descriptions by Eric)

Storage units in sawn oak panels. Each door is angled so to naturally induce the hand towards the opening side.


« Eco Design Bois de Bourgogne » is an event initiated by « la région Bourgogne », VIA, FCBA, ADEME where ecologically responsible logics are integrated from the start into the design process.
This desk is the first element of a furniture collection where sculpted wood is considered raw material. The random jointing of the different pieces produces chimeras, revealing the qualities of the wood and the subtlety of the craftsmen’s work.
(collaboration avec Emmanuel Joussot, ébéniste, et Frédéric Richard, sculpteur sur bois)

Meeting table for the president’s office. The design of this table is led by the desire to use only one standard plywood sheet. The shape and proportion is then optimized so not to produce any material waste.

The planches and the others by Eric Benqué

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