project title : Skyline Residence
status : Completed 2007
size : 5.800sf
location : Los Angeles, CA
client : Skyline Dr., LLC
design architect : Belzberg Architects

photo: Benny Chan | Fotoworks

Perched atop a ridgeline in te Hollywood Hills, the presence of the Skyline Residence represents an economical approach to createing an environmentally sensitive building within a limmited budget. The pre-existing site presented a challenge in terms of constructability as the client presented the challenge of limited allowable expenses.

Beyond incorporating sustainable building product systems, the budgetary limitations imposed on material choice forced the architect to implement strategies for using resources in close proximity to the site. Therefore, the general concept adopted for this project stems from “Carbon Neutral Economics”, or the purchasing of goods which are manufactured locally to save carbon transportation emissions. In a low budget architecture project where high-tech systems such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and recycled products are out of economical reach, the Skyline Residence reverted back to purchasing locally, minimized grading and capitalizing on natural characteristics of the site.

the following text is written by Tuija Seipell for the cool hunter

Glass walls, clean lines, uninterrupted space, uncluttered rooms, expensive detailing — the hallmarks of a modern, upscale classic are all present in this stylish residence. Why anyone in possession of such an amazing home with such breathtaking views, would want to watch movies at home, is beyond us, but let’s just say that we wouldn’t mind being invited to a screening or two. The terraces, patios and the 65-foot infinity pool and spa will keep cinematically uninterested guests entertained as well. And we’ll all stay at the separate guest house, of course. But we must admit we are still lacking an invite to the 5,800-square-foot Skyline residence overlooking Hollywood and downtown LA. The visit is up to the owner of the home, architect Hagy Belzberg, a Harvard graduate (1991) who interned in Frank Gehry’s office. The opulent home was designed by the entire team of his Santa Monica-based, 13-member Belzberg Architects that the now 43-year-old Hagy Belzberg founded in 1997.

Skyline Residence with an amazing Outdoor Home Theater

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