Searching the Behance Network I came across the portfolio of sound designer Omar Jon Ajluni, most famous as  SUiTOR.Those who remember the adidas Modular Man video in 2006 will appreciate his stunning  ORIGIN & BLEND audio demonstrations for his portfolio.

Modular Man_ ORIGIN / audio demostration by SUiTOR

Omar Jon Ajluni / SUiTOR @ yatzer
    "I am always in search of inspiring material that I can score and provide sound design.  When I'm not busy on commissioned projects, I like to maintain my craft on existing pieces which lend themselves to different interpretations of the material, or simply allow for stronger showings than the released versions. Modular Man is such a piece. 
    The official version included Beethoven's famous Moonlight Sonata (1st movement) dropped down to the key of A minor instead of C# minor. 
    It also featured light sound design that felt mostly incomplete with respect to the activity in the animation.
    Instead of approaching the piece in a dramatic new way, I decided to improve upon the established direction.  I took the Moonlight Sonata motif and composed an original piano piece around it.  Regarding the sound design, I chose to be less sparing than the original, hitting everything instead of choosing select hit points. 
    With the more refined and intricate sound design, the sense of technology really shines through, juxtaposing the poetic and dramatic aspect of the piano piece.
    I called the version ORIGIN.
    I still wanted to offer something other than the initial direction, so I created a purely tech-based energy piece. I called it BLEND.
    For BLEND, I kept mostly the same sound design elements, with exception to minor additions and subtractions.  Coupled with ambient dub chords and an intricate drum & bass-like rhythm track, the piece effectively took on a new form, communicating solely tech-modularity."

Agency: 180 AMSTERDAM (180\TBWA)
Animation: 1ST AVE MACHINE

For Adidas International:
Head global communications: Uli Becker
Brand marketing: Arthur Höld
Communication: Levin Reyher
Advertising manager: Andrew Lux

For 180 Amsterdam
ECD: Andy Fackrell
Creatives: Lee Hempstock, Chris Landy
EP: Peter Cline
Sr producer: Cedric Gairard
Producer: Kate Morrison

For 1st Ave Machine
Director: Arvind Palep
Executive Producer: Serge Patzak

Qdepartment did the sound for the official version.
For Qdepartment
Sound design/mix:Drazen Bosnjak

Sound designer SUiTOR @yatzer

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